Interactive White Board…

Who knew that you could write on an IWB? I Didn’t! Who knew that you could scan your image or writing onto documents? I Didn’t! This is information that I only discovered during my last week of prac, when conversing with a relief teacher. Essentially I thought a IWB was just a computer. NOW that I am have finish prac and have more time to engaged in study desk I am learning that it is so much more!!!

Week 9 SHARES some really insightful information on how IWB are used in the classroom. I definitely aim at increasing my knowledge in this area before my next prac and these articles can help for future reference:

link this link address how primary school teachers in the classroom use interactive whiteboards. From my experience, not a whole lot besides Utube videos and 100’s board.

link  this link addresses how Teachers use of the interactive whiteboard in primary schools: towards an effective transition framework

link this link addresses: Honeymoon with IWBs: A qualitative insight in primary students’ views on instruction with interactive whiteboard


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